Reasons why I love Minho. 

  1. Because you’re sincere
  2. Because you tended to be silent/quiet in the past
  3. Because everything i see from you just seems right to me
  4. Because you’re a rapper who used to not even know anything about rapping before you got in to SM.
  5. You wrote most of your rap lyrics, ever since the 1st album.
  6. You never give up with anything, and always try hard no matter how it takes.
  7. You know how to be a better artist as an entertainer.
  8. You make me obsessed with your obsession towards football & sports.
  9. You’re so loyal to Adidas, like it’s your soulmate/life partner
  10. You love number 10. Which is like most of Aces/MVP in soccer teams who have number 10 on their jerseys.
  11. Not only Yoogeun, you really are so good in taking care of kids, husband material indeed.
  12. When you play around with/treat kids like you’re their father.
  13. You network with so many people very well.
  14. People call you a hyungwhore, but i see it in a really good way, means that you are really nice and have a good manner with people.
  15. You take a lot of pictures with Jangjin’s son despite of your pedo-like towards him, it’s cute.
  16. You treasure everything you have, even the stuffs you have since debut, or even pre-debut.
  17. When you play on dream team, struggle with each obstacle very seriously, your seriousness makes my heart scream for you to win everything there.
  18. You’re such a shinee’s embracing-machine, a shoulder for the members to cry on.
  19. You’re always the one to gather the members to become one
  20. The way you love old-ish stuffs aka 80-90s stuffs amuses me.
  21. Because i’ll never forget at how your deep voice while singing milktea shoots me.
  22. I actually fall over at how you dress up at the airport, or normal days, no matter how many times I’ve said that I’m bored to see you wearing the same thing.
  23. Your loyalty to a soccer game aka winning eleven is ridiculous, you mention that game like forever.
  24. Loving the fact that you’re the manliest among SHINee, I like manly guys.
  25. The way you look nervous when you host a show, but in the end, you can pull it off really well with your cute expression in front of camera.
  26. The way you rap is totally mind-blowing, you do it with so much passion.
  27. Your fail! Lol it’s the cutest yet funniest thing on earth I could ever dig.
  28. You’re tall, I like tall guys.
  29. Your acne, it shows that you’re totally normal.
  30. When you wear a cap/hat! (excl. Fedora, lol)  it suits you a lot and i feel like adoring you with a cap on like there’s no tomorrow
  31. Your REAL laughter is very precious,  I hope you won’t hide that precious laughter voice of yours in front of me
  32. When the curve of your face contracts as you smile/laugh, it’s pretty adorable.
  33. Your jawline, oh gosh, can it get any sharper? I want to have my hand through its line.
  34. You make me so hard to choose my most favorite hairstyle of yours because you always look perfect with any kinds of hair, but you having a black hair is totally a bonus.
  35. Your natural black hair is where my eyes have their sight on the most. I want to stroke it and feel how soft it is on my palms.
  36. You’re so hesitant to do aegyo when people ask you to, but you just unintentionally do it
  37. Your aegyo is so cute that I almost forget your real age
  38. It also applies to whenever you always show up with your big eyes and perfect smile, the forming of cute face of you.
  39. When you awkwardly do a free-style dance, it seems silly for you but there’s no way I can’t not look at it
  40. Your strong pair of arms, they seem to be the safest place for me.
  41. Your slender, endless, long legs, I wanna  clutch my hands around it!
  42. Your veins, oh my god, can it get any more obvious?
  43. Your abs, lol I always have love-hate feelings about you showing it off during OMG, but I admit, I can’t resist seeing its gloriousness, pretty much well-toned (as for now)
  44. I like the fact that small size of your head can suit and form a perfect, beautiful face of yours.
  45. I’m pretty much sure you always remind yourself that improvisation is the most important thing to do, I can see it by how you are right now.
  46. Because you’re still yourself despite of the changes you make.
  47. When you scream during Lucifer rap, the passion you’ve got there never fails to make me in awe
  48. You always say that you feel thankful with your fans and SHINee members in every interview.
  49. I’m actually excited that you finally have got an iPhone. I pretty much think it’s a good decision to make.
  50. Truthfully, seeing you in wifebeater excites me a lot more rather than seeing you half-naked because it presses your well-built body. So hot & sexy.
  51. Because you took the Jersey I threw on you. You brought it along with you, clung it around your neck, and put it inside your pocket until the very end of the concert. I just hope it’s still with you until now. :)
  52. Because you look so cute wearing specs
  53. Because you always smell a flower first whenever you have it in your hands, it indicates your sincereness
  54. Your double eye-lids, I know it doesn’t make sense but I think it’s attractive.
  55. You always look so mysterious wearing shades/sunglasses, but it makes you look hot.
  56. The way you treat the noona in Yunhanam makes me feel touched, you really know how to melt girls since young.
  57. The fact that you hardly wake up is cute and make me feel jealous because I can’t sleep for too long like you.
  58. You have a handsome brother.
  59. The way you say Xie Xie! Or speak chinese in general, i’d like to have that voice on my ears for the rest of my life. I’m in love with it.
  60. Because you went shopping with your mom, hardly ever guys around your age want to do it. You love your mom a lot.
  61. You finally can drive!
  62. Your excessive respect towards your dad, and the love you have to your parents is massive.
  63. The fact that you seem so scared with your dad :b
  64. Your acting, i don’t care with what people say about your acting, i think it’s good for you to try new things like acting and i’d always look forward with what you do.
  65. When you win something, it’s definitely my happiness.
  66. Your competitiveness, or people may say that you’re more than that. They say it’s annoying but I’m pretty sure you become one because it’s a good thing and motivating. Don’t stop being competitive, it really depicts you whom I love the most.
  67. Your impersonation of squirtle, it’s so cute i hope i can get to heat that again.
  68. Because you’re still the shy choi minho i’ve already known at the first place despite of the fact that you’re already /noisy/
  69. Your “ogenkidesuka” is really cute I feel like pinching your cheeks.
  70. Your tiny handwriting, it makes me difficult to read it but your handwriting is really mature/manly.
  71. Your sharp & revealing collarbones. /stares
  72. It’s so cute when you flip around your phone with your hands because you have nothing to do in the waiting room.
  73. When you look at yourself in the glass, check out yourself, and fix your hair. Hi, I know you’re handsome!
  74. Your long hair on RDD era, and make it into a ponytail. Perfect.
  75. You can control yourself when you lose something. However, you still feel hurt inside, but you know there’ll always be another time to get the victory.
  76. Because you want to dress up as a spiderman on Halloween, I’d like to see that.
  77. I love it when you DJ-ing in Sukira/Youngstreet! You’ve done very well in it. I secretly wish you’d have your own radio.
  78. When you do a selca on your phone, you don’t really have your eyes in front of the camera, hahahaha. But I just basically like all of your selcas.
  79. Your engrish, well I do make fun of it, but that’s how you speak and I still find it cute and attractive.
  80. Your monologue, it shoots me right into my ears.
  81. When you look with full of emotions whenever you rap to “One” I feel like forming tears in my eyes.
  82. The silly things you do during SHINee’s concerts, can you get any more adorable than that?
  83. When you do rap battle with Key, it’s pretty hot and passionate.
  84. You see Onew as the leader you’d always follow.
  85. You see Jonghyun as the one you always tease and someone that you need to protect whenever he cries/is in pain.
  86. You see Key as the buddy that’s opposite from you, but you still make him close with you.
  87. You see Taemin as the adorable younger brother you want to make and play around with because you don’t have a younger brother in your family.
  88. You see Changmin as the best hyung that can be your role model, and you’re so clingy to him.
  89. You love your hyungs from Super Junior so much. But in general, you just love being a part of SM Town.
  90. You and the rest of SHINee complete each other. You need them, and they need you.
  91. You’re secretly the loudest in the dorm. I can imagine you being so noisy within the others.
  92. You think it’s cool to be slightly drunk while proposing a girl. Omg, so hot?
  93. You have a sexy lips, it lures me so much to kiss it.
  94. When you wear uniform! How can someone wearing uniform look so good and handsome like you?
  95. The squared pattern scarf you treasured since young. You wear different kinds of scarfs, but that squared-pattern scarf is your favorite.
  96. You make me worry when you injure yourself, because it’s not your first time anymore you got injured.
  97. But you’re the strong Choi Minho I always know. Whatever the pain you always need to endure is.
  98. Your derpiness, it shows that you actually don’t look handsome/good all the time! Pretty normal. I like it.
  99. Because you always think of how you feel about the person you will love & like whenever you listen to  날 기다려준 그대 곁에  (your side that waited for me) and would like to sing it together with your future gf. I love your cheesiness so much.
  100. I really want to see you playing soccer, just once in my life at least, please? I’d be like the high school girl that always screams and cheers for you during the whole match.
  101. Because you want to kiss your future girl whenever your favorite soccer team scores a goal. So cheesy yet romantic at the same time ;_;
  102. Love at how you put “my lovely” before SHINee members’s names on your phone contact.
  103. When I see you stretching *o* feels like bringing you home and make you my PE tutor. 
  104. I love seeing you ruffling your hair
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